Contact Me

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On: 2020/05/21 - 12:08 am

So, since I spent more than half of my life alone, I am really not a fan of any type of contact with people in person. I always prefer any electronic ways to eliminate human contacts.

That also includes phone calls "believe it or not!".

I remember my first mobile phone; I didn't want to carry one at all; I know having a phone all the time with me requires me to talk to at any time; but, it got forced on me by my uncle 😂 since I was leaving my home town to work in another city after high school.

So, to make things short, to contact me, DM me on Twitter, Instagram. Or e-mail me on (at)

Also, if you got my mobile number from anywhere, don't expect me to answer you (SHOCKING 😀).

Please send a message first, let me know who you are, just a simple message tell me your name. I promise I will answer your 'r call (or at least try 😉).