The Move
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On: 2020/06/24 - 08:48 am

I lived my entire life in big cities, I moved around the country a lot over the years, and now I live in a big apartment, with my family. I used to have one bedroom and a shared bathroom.

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We live in a big city, it's so big, that's taking me 45 min (with no traffic) to get to my work, and there is always traffic, it's noisy all day, and for someone like me, who love to be alone and in a quiet place, it's way too much for me.

So after all these years, I decided to move to another city, it's a small town, quiet, beautiful weather, almost cold all year round. It's raining almost every day, I can't tell how much I love the weather here.

It's high up in the mountain, but not so far though from my first city, so I can visit my family any time.

I rented out a small cabin, it's a bit far from the small town, so quiet, and full of trees and lovely neuters senses, I am finally found a place that suits my needs.

Now the cabin has 4 rooms, I am only using one, and the rest is like guest rooms when my family's or friends come to visits.

I also have a front yard, a garden area, and a sweet parking spot to wash my car every week.

And now I am moving, I packed up all my stuff, empty my room, say goodbye to the place I lived in for the past 7 years.

And in the next weeks, I will show you more about the place and the area around it on my Youtube Channel.

It needs a lot of fixes and improvements and more DIY, but, it's a journey, a lifestyle I decided to impress it and live the way that always makes me happy.

So, choose the life you want to live, choose the place that you can call it home, and be happy.

A Story of A Song

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Hello World

my first step here

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Hello World