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Random Day in My Life
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On: 2020/09/26 - 08:41 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to the cabin

every weekend, when I don't have any coding work to do, or I am not having my family or friends visiting me I love to spend time on youtube, recently I discovered lots of incredible channels and creators who make great content I genuinely enjoyed every single video they share love to watch a glance of there lives or learning some new editing styles or a new recipe I must try.

these are just some of my favorite, and so much more cant fit them all in one video, I really loved all of these moments and I love to share my thoughts on these videos and I am not doing this to get the "support" and "stying connecting." I just put my thoughts on any content I like out there.

if I subscribe to your channel or followed you on Instagram, you stuck with me as long as I have the time to mess around in your comment section

please don't feel obligated to comment or like or sub back, unless you really enjoyed any of my content, in that case, I am sorry to waste your time and I really appreciate it ❤️ my content is for me, to leave some memories for future me, something on the web after I am gone, maybe someone will remember me someday

and I've been doing the same as a developer for years, I love to share with the community, and I am not looking to get anything back.

I've been talking so much and got hungry decided to make something new a grilled burger in the campfire

easy to make and delicious make it simple this time just lettuce and tomatoes and some sauces

I hope you enjoyed this week's video.

Thank you all for watching

I am starving, going to eat now.

I apologize to everyone. I used small clips from their videos without asking them if anyone wants me to remove them from my video. I understand. Please let me know, and I promise no hard feeling also, I feel sad some of my other favorites YouTubers I couldn't include them in my videos, hope no one gets mad at me these are the links of the clips in order of their appearance:

My room and desk setup at the cabin

My room and desk setup at the cabin Photo by Floris Bronkhorst on Unsplash

My room and desk setup at the cabin

On: 2020/07/31 - 08:22 pm
Life Update #1 first update

Life Update #1 first update Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

On: 2021/02/04 - 02:35 am

My First NPM Plugin: tailwindcss border sketch

My First NPM Plugin: tailwindcss border sketch

a small plugin that adds Border Sketch Style to tailwindcss

On: 2020/05/28 - 07:26 am
Sort Your Resources in Laravel Nova sidebar

Sort Your Resources in Laravel Nova sidebar Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash

laravel nova , it’s a great administration panel for laravel , making it easy to just start your app immediately , this a simple way to sort your Resources in the sidebar .

On: 2019/06/03 - 12:18 pm
A Storage Story

A Storage Story A storage story, behind the scenes of the photo session.

A storage story, behind the scenes of the photo session.
On: 2020/05/28 - 06:12 pm

Social Media

Social Media

we all know the effect of social media

On: 2021/09/12 - 02:51 am

Decorate your Nova sidebar

another trick to improve your sidebar in laravel nova .

Decorate your Nova sidebar