Life Update #6 The Kitchen
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On: 2021/10/09 - 01:01 pm

hello everyone, this is a life update, after six months from moving away from the cabin to a new apartment in the city, I am finally having my own kitchen.

here, not all apartments have a kitchen cabinet. and there is no open kitchen, it's just a room, closed space, which I don't like at all.

so when I moved back to the city, I only have an empty room called the kitchen.

when I decided it's time for the kitchen, I thought it's easy, Ikea was the answer. pre-built units, customizable, affordable (relatively), so I designed everything, and Ikea, here we come.

two months after the move, and I am finally finding the time to visit Ikea and start building my semi-dream kitchen.. and surprise surprise, NOTHING AVAILABLE!

it was a shock for me, I found out due to the pandemic, nothing is available there, no units, no countertop, no cabinet, nothing for the next 6-9 months, and there is already a long waiting list!

so I turned to the other option I have, to find local workshops and build it from scratch.

after like 3 weeks of searching for the best price and quality, I found out it's not an easy task!

there are tons of materials and colors and different styles. and none of them can level up to the quality I was looking for, and still expensive, everyone is taking advantage of the situation, and raise up their prices.

and this is the final kitchen, small, practical, no upper wall units, and bearly fit my stuff.

A Storage Story

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Life Update #2 unboxing

Life Update #2 unboxing Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

On: 2021/02/06 - 09:49 pm

Life Update #6 The Kitchen

Life Update #6 The Kitchen

Life Update after six months of moving away from the cabin, I am finally having my own kitchen.

On: 2021/10/09 - 01:01 pm