Life Update II
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Publication Date: 2021/02/05 - 06:49 pm

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

I am finally at the new apartment. In the past three days, it was lightning fast, finished the painting, the moving, and now started to settle in. 

It will be a while to make it home, I still live in boxes, and I don’t even have a kitchen yet. 

I started with the important things for the bed to find a place to wind down at night.

Cheers 🥂

Cheers 🥂

I didn’t film anything on the moving or the works I put into the new apartment. With everything going on these days with my family, I couldn’t have the time or the mindset to setup a camera and film. 

Due to the short window I have, I also had to hire some helpers for the moving and the painting. So I can move in as fast as I can. 

Still working on the place, and the only thing that will be delayed the kitchen my little happy place, will in this apartment is a big space, and I am gonna take my time to design it and pick the colors and everything.

Time will fly, and my new home is coming. 

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