Life Update #1 first update
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On: 2021/02/04 - 02:35 am

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Hello everyone.

Last Sunday, I went back to the city to be close to my family after my grandma and my aunt's death.

And I had only one week to empty the cabin. It was a struggle for me to did all the moving and boxing and attended the funerals.

My family (my mom and 2 sisters, and a brother) lives in the city, the same apartment I was living with them for the past 8 years, it was a nice building, great location, and the rooms were so special that it is really rare to find a place like this.

When I arrived home, I noticed there was a new sign on the building, 'apartment for rent,' I took this as an actual sign, talked to the owner, and agreed on the rent, and that's it!

I now have a new apartment and place to start to call it home slowly, and a new chapter opened in my life.

Most of all, it was immediately above my family's apartment, and I am so happy to live close to them again, and at the same time having my own place and the space I need.

Saddest and Happiest

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Saddest and Happiest

On: 2021/02/09 - 08:10 pm
A new restart | dev talk

A new restart | dev talk Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash

a new laravel package for the Ar-PHP Project On: 2021/04/06 - 08:15 pm

Social Media

we all know the effect of social media

On: 2021/09/12 - 02:51 am

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Social Media