Decorate your Nova sidebar
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On: 2019/06/14 - 08:29 pm
Laravel nova dev

the same trick we used to sort the navigation menu in Laravel Nova, which was mentioned here, we also can add another property in your nova resource :

public static $icon = 'fa-flag';

and in your navigation.blade.php just add

you can set the default icon and customize the style as you want.

Life Update #3 the office room V1

my office room


Deaths Photo by S Turby on Unsplash

On: 2021/02/04 - 02:11 am

A Story of A Song

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

A Story of A Song

music plays a huge part in my life, so here are some of my life changing songs.

On: 2021/08/10 - 07:16 pm

Life Update #6 The Kitchen

Life Update after six months of moving away from the cabin, I am finally having my own kitchen.

On: 2021/10/09 - 01:01 pm
Life Update #6 The Kitchen