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Publication Date: 2021/02/03 - 10:11 am

Photo by S Turby on Unsplash

So on Sunday, my grandma, my mother mothers, passed away.

In the past year, she had about three surgeries till her body gave up and couldn’t take it anymore.

Here, the tradition is to have the funeral on the first day and have three days of service, to receive all the relatives and friends to bay their respect for the deceased.

On Monday morning, I got another news, my aunt, my father's oldest sister, has passed away too, she also had so many surgeries in the past years, and she was so sick.

It was a hard week for both my families since my parents were separated when I was ten, both families were drafted apart, and they weren’t connected as they were before the divorce.

My aunt and my grandma fought and suffered for a long time, and their death was mercy for them.

It's strange how things worked out, how the end of life, bring people closer to each other. And for the first time in over 25 years, the two families reconnect. It was weird and beautiful to see them reunite and were together in the same room.

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